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Dreams of Snowdrops is an ambitious social project dedicated to create a brand new national programme in Ireland that will provide at the same time education and medical support to children and teenagers age 6 to 18 (and their close ones) that are affected by cancer and leukemia.

We will do our best to bring together under one umbrella the services of existing and future Health and Education governmental and non-governmental institutions as well as businesses and artists so that we can better meet the needs and to empower those that will need our support.

Teaching or studying coursework has never been easier, you can easily create courses, write lessons, and add quizzes or be the one learning it all to help you handle challenges that you may face.

Are you an startup artists or business?

We would love to promote and sell your work and services*.
Dreams of Snowdrops is location based directory portal you always dreamed of.

We are always around! That is what creates a good feeling for our visitors and our members and that is why we will always keep building, enhance and provide a great space for our dedicated community to thrive!

Dreams of Snowdrops is offering its members a home, a page from where they can message other members, add them as friends, read or write social articles, teach or take classes, fundraise and so much more!

Imagine the possibilities once we gather in one social network all the great people out there: patients, survivors, teachers, doctors, nurses, artists and business owners!

An amazing gift shop!

Our gift shop is breath of fresh air in an overpopulated digital world. We support our project by supporting our members and Ireland’s rising talents.

Dreams of Snowdrops is the place where irish residents artists (graphic artists, painters, photographers, artisans, musicians, dancers, actors, directors, you name it) and businesses come to sell their products and services.
Those looking to buy a gift will do their shopping happy to get their wonderful products knowing that in the same time they are keeping our social project alive and also supporting the local artists and the local businesses.

It is a win win for everyone!

Every day can bring its challenges but we are here to provide you with a space where you can rest, recharge and feel empowered.

Come back every day and with one click you will be able to access the section of our website that it’s filled with resources to help you get some headspace. Relaxing videos, sounds, inspirational reads will wait for you to make the most of them!

It’s the time for YOU!

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