Hi everyone, it is time to introduce a new website enhancement!

In our effort to improve the experience that our members and guest visitors have using our website we decided to introduce a new tool to power up our commenting system.

All the comments are now handled by Disqus, a platform that is used by leading brands all over the world (CNN News, Men’s Health, People Magazine, Rolling Stones Magazine, TopGear, etc) on their website.

Here are a few features* of this new enhanced commenting platform now available on our website:

  • Real-time discussions: fun discussion interactions: upvotes, downvotes, threaded replies, recommends, and more all happening in real time;
  • Photos and videos support: rich-media-supported comments let’s you add images and video to keep discussions lively;
  • Organic discovery: discover other top discussions through publisher profiles and organic discovery modules next to comments;
  • Follow users: you can follow interesting commenters to find even more communities to participate in;
  • Access on web and mobile: beautiful mobile commenting, on the web, iOS, and Windows.

We hope that you will try and enjoy this new website enhancement.
Please feel free to leave a feedback on how we can further improve our services.

*As advertised by Disqus on their official website, February 2017 when this post was created.


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